Slam: Unapologetic!

Rom: Olav H. Hauge

Arrangør: Slam Poetry Bergen i samarbeid med Litteraturhuset

With Miko Berry, Rahel Beraki and SHN.

This event will focus mainly on slam poetry as an art form and will feature some of the finest Slam Poets in the game right now:


Miko Berry (Slam Poet)
Miko is a European Champion of Slam Poetry and has appeared at Glastonbury, worked for the Royal Family and now he spends his time working with children and students of slam poetry up and around the UK. 

Rahel Beraki (Slam Poet)
Rahel is slam poet by way of Oslo and she has expressed her art all over various stages like Soria Moria, The Norwegian Theater, Park Theater, Drama House, among other places. Rahel is currently working on a bachelor degree in Story Telling as an art in which Slam poetry plays the central role.

We often get questions about the differences between poetry, slam poetry and HipHop. Well, we thought we invite HipHop artist and music enthusiast, SHN Shyne. into the mix. His style of music, focuses around the power of love, positivity and self belief and his wordplay define RAP for what it is (Rhythm And Poetry)