Uplift Seminar

Rom: Olav H. Hauge

Arrangør: Uplift Events AS

With Elisabeth Finocchiaro.

Uplift - Create your Vision.

A full day event to get you out of your old patterns and create a clear path for yourself. A day where focusing on your aspirations becomes a priority. Training resilience to strengthen your own potential through writing exercises, group work, personal reflection, breath work and guided mentoring.

Tickets ↠ 800,- NOK

Full payment ↠ http://bit.ly/UpliftSeminar
Installements ↠ http://bit.ly/UpliftPaymentPlan
Vipps ↠ Uplift Events
Faktura ↠ Send email efinocchiaro@hotmail.com

We go through : 
- A Written workbook for questions & expanding ideas
- A Deep Breathing Experience and Breathwork training
- Practices like Presence and Awareness 
- Creating your Vision / Mission 
- Powerful Manifestation Process'
- Clarity work // Belief work

About Elisabeth:
Living in Bergen, founder of Uplift Events. I have created a life based on following my passion and inspirations. Now teaching others to do the same, using breath as a key to opening up body, mind and possibilties. I'm certified in Breathwork Therapy and working as a course facilitator trained by top mentors around the world. I am still continuing my journey through entrepenourship and getting my message out in the world. Work private, in schools with youth and hosting larger events all about inspired passion and breathing.

Let's Create your Vision,

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